Smoked Salmon and Apple "Hash"

I just happen to be one of those super fortunate people who knows someone with a smoker. Not only does this person own a smoker, but he has an obsession with smoking salmon basically every weekend, and almost smokes more than he can eat. Yep, that's my daddy! Always buying/preparing/cooking too much food. Too bad I don't still live home, where I could reap those benefits way more often... Oh well! I will take what I can get :)

Yet again, another morning with no eggs in the fridge. What's a girl to do? Well, I am sure you figured it out by now. Smoked salmon. Mmmmm.... With what, though? And that is where this recipe I read the other day flashed across my brain. Perfect! A little adaptation, and breakfast is served!

Smoked Salmon and Apple "Hash"

The Food
- Smoked salmon (preferably home smoked- the store stuff is a bit too "soft" for this, I think)
- Medium apple, your preference
- Old Bay seasoning
- Olive oil

The Prep
Chop the apple

The Method
Heat the oil in a skillet over medium, medium high heat
Put in the salmon, skin side down (if still attached)
After a minute or so, drop in the chopped apple
Sprinkle with Old Bay
Stir around a bit
Flip the salmon
Stir some more
Pour a hot cup of coffee
Stir one last time

Enjoy :)
I suggest transferring from skillet to a plate for consumption. Just a suggestion...

I forgot to take a picture before I inhaled it! (It was muy bueno :)

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