Half the Battle

Me @ the Primal Mud Run
photo by Sweat Shop
It's been some time since I've graced my blog with my presence. It's not that I haven't been cooking (although I haven't cooked much), it's just that I'm MAD busy! Between work, school, and CrossFit, I'm surprised I have time for Primal Mud Runs, unWINEding with friends, FB, CrossFit cert... (yes, going in June!!) And haven't cooked anything exciting. Well, that's a lie. I tend to think just about everything I cook is exciting. But I'm biased. Because I cook what I like. Duh.


For You && Mashed Celeriac

Friday conversation:
Me: I won't be there tomorrow, I'm headed down to the shore for the weekend.
Friend: It's gonna be nasty and raining, though
Me: I'd rather be down at the shore house when it's nasty and raining then sitting in my house when it's nasty and raining.
Friend: Good point.