Half the Battle

Me @ the Primal Mud Run
photo by Sweat Shop
It's been some time since I've graced my blog with my presence. It's not that I haven't been cooking (although I haven't cooked much), it's just that I'm MAD busy! Between work, school, and CrossFit, I'm surprised I have time for Primal Mud Runs, unWINEding with friends, FB, CrossFit cert... (yes, going in June!!) And haven't cooked anything exciting. Well, that's a lie. I tend to think just about everything I cook is exciting. But I'm biased. Because I cook what I like. Duh.

So that's my ramble today. Cook what you like, stupid! Within reason. Basically, keep it paleo. Or mostly. If I'm gonna bake cookies, I'm gonna make em sweet and use honey. If you like pasta, sorry, I don't want you to cook it. Unless you want to be unhealthy and further promote the demise of the human race. Then by all means. Add some heroin on the side and don't call 911 if you OD. On either.

I digress. Cook what you like. If you like chicken, cook chicken. And cook it the way you like to eat it. For example, I love chicken thighs but hate chicken breasts. Solution? Buy chicken thighs. I am way more likely to cook it and eat it. Another example, I don't like tuna. You will never see a recipe on my page for tuna. Fresh, canned, whatever. I DON'T BUY IT. But I like sardines.

Granted, you will need to try new things every once in a while. In fact, they say it takes about 7 times of eating a new food before you turn to like it. I grew up the pickiest eater on the planet. Cheerios, Kraft Mac and Cheese, and plain pasta drenched in butter. That's basically all I ate. But I didn't just wake up one day and start eating new. It was a progress. The first "sandwich" I ate was my sophomore year of high school. First cheeseburger I ate was junior year of college. First sweet potato I ate was senior year. Coconut, avocado, Greek yogurt, offal, Brussels sprouts, fennel, peppers... ALL came within the last two years. Hell, even spices, herbs, and marinades have all been strong within the last 2-3 years.

If you make something you don't like, don't make it again. Even if it's "supposed" to be good for you. Creating a negative relationship with your food is way more detrimental than getting vitamin C from an orange. You can get it from that broccoli, too. (Sounds crazy, I know, but there are people who don't like oranges but love their coniferous vegetables :)

So make a list of the foods you like. And how to you like make them. That's your artillery for the battle. With the right ammo, you will be more likely to fight, and win.

Enjoy :)

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