Country Style Pork Ribs

I've been on a pork kick lately. Pork loin, pulled pork, baby back ribs, bacon... Mmm mm delicious! Ironically enough I really don't care for pork chops, although if it's bone in and grilled, I might make an exception. Just so hard to keep it moist! And flavorful... ideas??

So something I've been focusing myself on lately has been this listening-to-my-body thing. If I'm craving pork, eat pork! If I'm feeling like I need to back off nuts, cut 'em out for a few days. If I really, really need to eat that piece of chocolate, have at it (in moderation). Our bodies react and crave and reject different foods for a reason. Listen! The cleaner your diet the easier it is to feel these signals and keep from feeling low.

Country Style Pork Ribs
This was a no brainer recipe. Country style pork ribs, dry seasoned with a magical seasonings mix from my big brother (really, not sure. smells/tastes like allspice, cumin, pepper... I'm sure more than that but it's delicious!) Threw it on the little Foreman style grill, and away I went. Just takes a few minutes. Use a temp gauge to see internal temperature of 145. I served with roasted beets, eggplant, and onions and mashed cauliflower. Pork classically goes well with apples (applesauce, sauteed apples, baked stuffed apples), or maybe some nice sweet potato fries.

Enjoy :)

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