Tandoori Chicken and Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Balance is a skill for most of us. We have to learn it, use it, practice it, and, possibly the most difficult, learn to be flexible and create a new balance. This has become evident in my life recently as I have started a new job, am taking MBA courses, have change in gym classes, and would like to fit in a personal life, as well. Before my new job, new MBA courses, and new gym class times, I had much more personal time. I had ample time to plan my week's meals, create well thought out grocery lists, fit in extra running and biking on the weekends, and consistently get to bed by 10pm. But as the world spins it is inevitable that our lives will change. For better or worse, we must learn to adapt and change with it, without losing that balance we worked so hard to find.


Tips & Guest Recipe!

So it has almost been one week; how are you making out with the elimination of grains in your diet? Going farther back, are you doing okay with the Zone blocks? Personal experience suggestion: print out the Zone proportions, black out the grain blocks, and keep the page on reference in your kitchen, car, work desk, or where ever you prepare/eat most of your meals. I laminated mine for durability. Keep it out when you are making your meals or ordering food so you know exactly how much to put on your plate.


30 Days

But Bonnie, I can't give up grains. There's no way I can do paleo.

Oh really, how do you know? Have you ever tried?

No one said changing your diet was going to be easy. In fact, in the beginning, it's probably going to $uck. But all I'm asking is 30 days. That's right, 4 weeks and 2 days. One short month. Common, you have the whole rest of your life. And by the end of that month, when you realize that ya don't really miss the grains, and you feel a million times better, the rest of your life just got a little longer.


Paleo Part 2 & Shad with Carrots and Peppers

In the words of Greg Glassman, CrossFit founder, ‘Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar.” Or as stated in Mark Sisson’s words of MarksDailyApple.com rules for living, “1. Eat lots of meat, insects, and plants”. Even the theme of Michael Pollan’s book In Defense of Food, "Eat Food. Not too Much. Mostly Plant",. basically sums it up. Personally, I just eat food. Whole food. I mean food that looks like its ingredients. Like eating carrots (ingredients: carrots). Or grilled steak (ingredients: beef (or venison, bison, caribou, whatever works…)) Even almond butter (ingredients: almonds, processed until smooth). Simple. Delicious. Nutritious.


Paleo Intro & Roasted Asparagus and Bison Burger

I got a great comment the other day on my previous post on The Zone diet. It was a suggestion to read a book called A Life Unburdened: Getting Over Weight and Getting ON With My Life, by Richard Morris. This gentleman lost over 100 pounds by stopping all dieting methods. I will certainly look into this book and report on it in the future.

It does bring up an interesting concept, however, that ties in nicely to today's post. No dieting. Now, if you remember, several posts ago I made clear my stance on the term "diet". As defined by conventional wisdom of strict limitations of amount and/or types of food for a specific period of time with the intentions of weight/loss or improved health, I hate the term. As defined CORRECTLY, a diet is the sum of all foods consumed. And, when coupled with nutrition, a diet is a huge part of nourishing humans. It should be attainable, sustainable, and enjoyable.