30 Days

But Bonnie, I can't give up grains. There's no way I can do paleo.

Oh really, how do you know? Have you ever tried?

No one said changing your diet was going to be easy. In fact, in the beginning, it's probably going to $uck. But all I'm asking is 30 days. That's right, 4 weeks and 2 days. One short month. Common, you have the whole rest of your life. And by the end of that month, when you realize that ya don't really miss the grains, and you feel a million times better, the rest of your life just got a little longer.

Besides, now is the best time to make a change like this. As the weather gets warmer our bodies crave less carbs for energy. Grilled veggies and kabobs, anyone? How about a nice big, fresh salad with spinach, carrots, onion, walnuts, and a fresh raspberry vinagarette? Ants on a log with almond butter? Frittata with asparagus, broccoli, and peppers for brunch? Gosh, now I'm hungry...

My point is, you won't know until you try. Find something you like and lean on it. For me, it's an omelet in the morning, a salad for lunch, broiled fish and roasted veggies for dinner, and carrots and almond butter for a snack. My dad loves hard boiled eggs and strawberries for snacks, and mom munches on almonds and melons all day. My brother doesn't go far without a can of sardines, and I think my sister could live on smoked salmon if we let her.

So for 30 days I would like you to give up grains. In fact, let's go even easier. Let's give up wheat. Have fun with it. Then pull out your trash can and toss everything with wheat as an ingredient (or donate it; unfortunately there are people who depend on whatever calories they can get their hands on).

Remember, keep your meals and snack proportionate with protein, carbs, and fats. Eat often. Sleep regularly. Keep active. Embrace the sunshine (with SPF 30).

Today I challenge you to create your own recipe. Think of your favorite food. Or that ingredient you've always wanted to try. Research it if need be. Write it down, snap a pic, call your Mom, bring a plate to share at work... Get involved with your food! Appreciate it, it's keeping you alive. Give credit where credit is due.

Post your recipes if you'd like! If your totally stumped drop a comment and we'll shoot ya some suggestions.

Enjoy :)

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