Beef Medley

Let me start of with yes, I know white starchy potatoes don't have much of a place in Paleo cooking. However, I keep getting these gorgeous new potatoes from my CSA every pick up for the last month, and I can't throw them out (and I bet sweet potatoes would be a super sweet substitute :) So we finally got our first cold snap this afternoon (Fall is so close I can smell it!) and this recipe just seemed so fitting. Besides, for someone who's working out pretty intensely on a weekly basis would totally benefit from a protein-carb-fat dense meal such as this!

Beef Medley


Garlicky Dandelion Greens

So quick one today. I am bogged down with school work (and it's only the second week!), tons of stuff going on with work, and trying to have a life (CrossFit, picking up delicious CSA goodies, cooking, taking Momma out for her birthday...). And when things get crazy is when it's the easiest to loose control. It's the easiest to slip up and have that scoop of ice cream (guilty!), grab that bag of potato chips, snack on the candy bar from the convenience store. But this is when you need to be strongest. You might think it's quicker to grab this stuff from the store than to cook at home, but it doesn't have to be.