For You && Mashed Celeriac

Friday conversation:
Me: I won't be there tomorrow, I'm headed down to the shore for the weekend.
Friend: It's gonna be nasty and raining, though
Me: I'd rather be down at the shore house when it's nasty and raining then sitting in my house when it's nasty and raining.
Friend: Good point.

Where would you rather be? Is it easily accessible? Is it realistic to go? Then wtf are you doing sitting here? Fortunately my family has a shore house that I can go to anytime I want. It was one of the top three reasons I chose to live where I do now (school and the box were the other two reasons :) It is my escape. My time. Yes, I brought school work, work work, and laundry, but where better to do it? It's like a mini vacation. Even it I was only able to get down here for a few hours, it still beats most other options. In my opinion.

What's your get away? The coffee shop down the street for two hours with a favorite book? The park a few towns over where you go running with your dog? Aruba (I wish!)? Maybe it's even in your own house, a room you carved out just for yourself, just the way you want it. Man cave? Craft room? Garage full of exercise equipment? Kitchen...? Go there and get away. As often as you can swing it. At least once a month. If it's close to home, shoot for once a week. Do it for you. Screw everyone else. (Ironically, your demeanor will likely drastically improve after spending more time for you which will probably make them like you more.)

Speaking of the shore...

Gnarly, man! Seriously. Celeriac root is uber ugly. It's large, kinda hairy, dirty, bumpy, and super delicious. And it's a two-for! Well, more or less. If you couldn't tell by the name, it is the root of celery. So once you harvest your celery, dig up the root and have at it! It does have a similar taste, although much more mild, and can be used much like any other root vegetable. Dice and roast or use in soups or shred and steam as a "rice" replacement. I mashed it with some coconut milk, salt, and pepper as a great stand in for mashed potatoes. You could use a processor or stand mixer to get a smoother consistency, or a hand masher for a muscle workout and chunky consistency.

Mashed Celeriac
The Food
- 1 celeriac root
- 1/4 cup full fat coconut milk, butter, or cream
- Salt and pepper to taste
*Add in other spices/herbs! Chives, parsley, lemon basil, garlic... get creative!

The Method
Cut the exterior off the root
Rinse off any dirt
Dice in chunks
Steam in basket until tender
Drain, add coconut milk and spices
Mash or process until desired consistency

Enjoy :)

This post is part of The Nourishing Gourmet's Pennywise Platter Thursday! And Food Renegade's Fight Back Friday.

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