Eat Your Veggies! Err, Fruits. Wait, which is what? Just Eat Them!

Today I came across an interesting topic of popular debate. What is the difference between a fruit and vegetable? Well, the way I always knew it, if the seeds were located on the inside, it is a fruit. If the seeds are on the outside, it is a vegetable. Turns out, that description is pretty darn accurate. Here is why.

As defined by Dictionary.com
-Fruit: The ripened ovary of a flowering plant
-Vegetable: The edible part of a plant

For a more in-depth explanation...
- Fruit: The product of the plants flower. To develop seeds, a plant makes a flower. The flower is pollinated and the seeds can be developed. Reproductive science has taught us that seeds (or eggs) are contained in an ovary. Though evolution, plants developed their ovaries to be palatable once the seeds are mature. This is to help ensure that animals would eat them and help spread their seed. The palatability of fruits is made possible by a higher sugar content.
- Vegetable: A part of the growing or mature plant that is edible, not including the flower. This includes the roots, stems, and leaves. They are present the whole time the plant is growing; it is not something produced additionally as the plant matures. Depending on the area of the plant, the carb levels are different. The roots, for example, need to store and provide nutrients to the plant. Their carbs tend to be more dense and starchy. Stems are usually transporting nutrients to the rest of the plant, so their carbs are lighter and they comprise of more water. Leaves have a larger surface area and serve as the location for photosynthesis; their carbs are slightly more dense than stems and generally give the most flavor of the vegetables.

Regarding nutrition
Either way it works, fruits and vegetables should be the main (if not only) source of carbohydrates in your diet. Fruits tend to be higher in the carbohydrate sugar fructose while vegetables are higher in the carbohydrate sugar glucose. Glucose is easier for our bodies to digest because all carbohydrates must be turned into glucose (which veggies already are). Also, it is hard to eat soo many veggies that it spikes your insulin (which encourages fat storage).

I hope that wasn't too confusing! And I hope it clears up some misconceptions about fruits v. vegetables. In conclusion....... EAT YOUR VEGGIES! And some fruits :)

Enjoy :)

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