Time for You & Mexican Style Ground Turkey

When was the last time you did something for yourself? I mean really put everything aside, took some time out, and did something you enjoy doing, just for you? Today I took 2 hours out of my afternoon and laid on the hammock and read my book. Sure, I had other things I could have been doing such as bill paying, practicing my presentation for class, house cleaning, or even writing a post. But what does it all matter if you are so go-go-go all the time you can never stop to smell the flowers?

We often forget about how importmant we are to ourselves. It is easy to please other people and it certainly does boost your sense of self, but if you are so focused on everyone else it is just as easy to loose yourself in the mix. Next thing you know you will feel like a stranger in your own skin, no longer even able to recognize those activities that once made you happy. People will ask you questions and your answers will not be your own, but renditions of those around you.

Ugh! Sounds terrible, right? So what should you do about it? Make time for yourself. Free of obligations. Yes, I am doing school for myself, but it is an obligation. I am working to support my lifestyle, but it is an obligation. Reading, however, is obligation free. Watching a movie you've been dying to see is obligation free. Drawing, singing, bike riding, fishing.. they are all obligation free! Do it for you. Shoot for daily, but make sure you land weekly on an obligation free, do-it-for-you activity, just because you want to! Then sit down to finish your project. Promise, it'll finish quicker and smoother than had you tried to before you gave yourself a break.

Cooking is something that I do for myself. I love being in the kitchen working with different foods, flavors, and cooking styles. My work makes a pico de gallo that is to die for and I had quite a bit in my fridge. First I was simply going to do seasoned ground turkey in lettuce wraps with the pico on top, but then I thought, how delicious to throw the pico in with it! Glad I did :)

Mexican Style Ground Turkey
The Food
- 1 pound ground turkey
- 1 cup pico de gallo
- Salt, pepper, and any other spices to taste
--think cayenne, chili powder, garlic or onion powder, even cumin or cinnamon
- 1-2 tbs olive oil

The Method
Heat oil skillet over medium high heat
Brown the meat, breaking up with a wooden spoon
Salt, pepper, and spice to taste
Drain any fat if necessary (likely not necessary with ground turkey, but maybe if using beef or pork)
Add pico de gallo and stir until heated through

Enjoy :)

Eat this meat by itself, over homemade veggie chips as nachos, wrapped in lettuce with sour cream and cheese as a taco, as a base of a meat sauce over top of spaghetti squash or squash noodles... endless possibilities!

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