See, We Aren't Crazy!

When you tell people that your diet consists of low carbs, mainly achieved through elimination of all grains and other starchy food sources, and consists of high fat/protein, they tend to look at your funny. Especially when you are my size; 5'7" and 120 lbs soaking wet, and have the ridiculous amount of energy I have. Some are amazed and want to hear everything about it even though they have their doubts. Some will actually listen to some of my suggestions and start to change their diet. Some will down-right argue with me (bring it on!). I pray for the second group. Start with baby steps. That's what I did along with virtually everyone else I know that follows the same basic diet premise. And none of us are complaining. Why? Because we are right.

And for those of you who don't believe, who want more proof, or who want extra backup in the case for a healthier life, READ THIS. Rock on, LA Times. Spread the love.

Now, to figure out how to express this to America without another "fad" and/or extreme adaptation.... 

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