Kielbasa and Pineapple

I must admit, summer is my absolute favorite time of year. I was born and raised going down to the Jersey Shore just about every weekend growing up, and have made a solemn vow to myself to never be further than a few hour drive to an ocean. I thrive in the heat and highly enjoy wearing ** ahem** the least amount of clothes possible.

When at a recent company lunch party where I came across this (similar) dish, I was immediately reminded of summer. Being that it put me in such a positive mood, I knew I needed to find the recipe and whole food-ize it ASAP. And then share it with the world so they, too, could bask in the daydreams of summer.

Kielbasa and Pineapple

The Food
- 2 packages Kielbasa- not to particular on which one you choose; I went with the lite only because it was the only one with a few ingredients that I could actually pronounce, and were pretty whole foods-status worthy
- 1 can pineapple (in juice)- either chunks or crushed. I think crushed will likely caramelize slightly better

The Prep
Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Slice the kielbasa into 1/2" medallions

The Method
Put all ingredients in a casserole dish so it's all spread out on an even layer
Put in oven for 30 minutes
Put in oven for another 30 minutes
Remove and stir again so the little bit of sauce gets all over everything

Enjoy :)
I know, super easy, right?!? I ate it on top of some mixed greens... yum yum summer! You could also serve it as an appetizer on a warm platter with toothpicks.

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