21 Day Sugar Detox

21 day sugar detox! 

So, I'm a day behind their little group thing starting, and I still have some watermelon in my fridge. And I just had some wine. And I still have to buy the book. So I'll be starting a few days, haha.

Basically, I've got a few things I'd like to manage.
#1 Sleep.
#2 Mood swings
#3 Definition.

The past few months my sleep has been crazy off. Some nights I'll get 6, others 9, some 3. Granted that's cuz my ass was out late that night doing things not meant for this blog, but still. Case and point ;) Some nights I legit cannot fall asleep. Mind will be racing with 800 things and I'm all hot and bothered. Well, that's cuz my cheap ass won't buy an a/c for my apartment.

Mood swings is an issue all women deal with. But I'm a total head case. My hormone levels are all whack, probably because I lift too much weight and my testosterone levels are killing the rest, but no worries I still have all of the working parts. And I'm hot.

Which brings me to my last point: definition. I'm up to 144lbs. Overall, good. I've needed to get weight back on my bony body. I'm at a good comfort level with it, although I just broke a zipper on a pair of pants today. Granted the pants are old and kinda cheap, but nonetheless, I'd still like to lean myself out a bit and rock out some defined abs.

Far as I can tell I'll be giving up fruit, wine, dairy (which I already did), honey/sweeteners, and nuts. I don't think nuts are included, but Juli Bauer gave em up and I idolize her. So I'm gonna follow suit and cut them out. Then divulge in them when this is over. Because I could make love to a jar of almond butter. Sorry, graphic, but deal with it.

Once I start, you can follow my progress on my workout/diet blog, Consider It Brought.

I'll try to post up some recipes while I'm at it, since that's why you guys are here! Life's a little crazy right now though, so no promises until I can get some of this schtuff under control!

Enjoy :)

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