Zzzzzsleep... Fennel & Cabbage Slaw

**YAWN** Sleep. Who doesn't love it? Remember when we were kids and we could sleep for hourssss?!? Or when we were in college and took naps like they were going out of style? So why is it that now, as adults, we are so deprived of sleep? We typically spend less than 7 hours sleeping at night, when we really should be getting 8 hours or more. Why? Well, where should I start? "Muscle repair, memory consolidation and release of hormones regulating growth and appetite" are the major phases the body goes through during sleep. But that's just the tip of the iceberg, my friends. It can help improve your mood and reduce stress, which is something more people in this world need.

But getting 8 hours of sleep? When on earth am I going to find the time to do that?!? Well, a few steps of planning and you can be on your way to a better morning. We will use the work backwards method.
1. What time do you need to be at work?
2. How much time does it take you to drive to work? Subtract that from step 1.
3. How much time do you need to get ready in the morning? (Don't forget breakfast!!) Subtract that from step 2.
4. Count back 8 hours from step 3. This is what time you need to be asleep by.
5. How long does it usually take you to fall asleep? Subtract that from step 4. This is what time you should be in bed.
6. How long does it take you to get ready for bed (wash face, brush teeth, etc..)? Subtract that from step 5. This is what time you should start getting ready for bed.
7. Now, the final kicker, take your answer from step 6 and subtract another hour. This is what time you should turn off all electronics! Blue light emissions are terrible news for bed time.

Also, getting into a routine at night will make the task seem less daunting. Keep your bedroom sacred for just that, bed. Don't eat close to bed time as it releases stress-inducing hormones. And check out a ton of other great tips here.

What do you do to ensure you get a good night sleep, every night? I set out my clothes and make my lunch the night before so I know I won't have to scramble in the morning. I do a stretching routine and Sudoku puzzle as well to help relax my body and brain. Please share yours!

So not that this recipe has much relation to the nature of this post, it's a delicious slaw recipe made from veggies I picked up from my CSA! Very refreshing and crisp, a perfect summer slaw!

Fennel & Cabbage Slaw
The Food
- 3 small fennel bulbs (or 2 large)
- 1 medium head red cabbage
- 2 carrots
- 2-4 scallions, sliced
- 2/3 cup Greek yogurt
- 2 tbs apple cider vinegar
- 1/4 cup toasted sunflower seeds
- 1/4 cup raisins
- Salt and pepper

The Prep
Shred the fennel, cabbage, and carrots
Toast the sunflower seeds (either on stove top or in oven)
**I like doing it on the stove top- put in an even layer in a skillet over medium heat and keep shaking until fragrant and golden

The Method
Add the fennel, cabbage, carrots, and sliced scallions in layers in a large bowl
Add the raisins, sunflower seeds, salt and pepper on top
Add the yogurt and vinegar
Mix until everything is combined

Enjoy :)

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  1. These tips are so timely for me, as I've been having trouble sleeping for as long as I can remember, and I'm going nuts! Great post!


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