"Make it Paleo" Book Review!

The wait stops here! For the past few months you have seen the cover of a long anticipated cookbook from Paleo connoisseur's Bill Staley and Hayley Mason, who started an absolutely outstanding blog, The Food Lovers Primal Palate. Some of you many have even clicked on the book and checked out the site. Maybe even looked at the book preview. Well, I am here to tell you, Make it Paleo is worth every penny, and then some!

First, I would like to start by saying that Bill and Hayley's blog is definitely in my top 3 paleo sites, next to Mark's Daily Apple and Health-Bent. I have never come across a recipe on their site that I was disappointed in, and their book is no different. I was immediately impressed that the recipes in the book mimic the layout on the site. The recipes are very easy to read, and none look overwhelming. And every recipe has a picture. Perfect!

The book is broken down into manageable, sensible sections, starting with fabulous Introduction and The Paleo Kitchen sections. I love that all of the language in the book is casual yet professional; it is very easy and enjoyable to read. The little "story" in the beginning of most recipes really adds an element of personality and makes it personal. And did I mention the pictures?!? They are outstanding. They absolutely make you drool in your seat. Too many cookbooks underestimate the importance of pictures. Bill and Hayley, thank you!

Another aspect that I really appreciate in the book are the page references. By giving a simple recipe in the Appetizers section and referring to the accompanying sauce in the Sauces and Dressing section makes both recipes less intimidating. Also, it is easier to "dog ear" individual recipes then tag a page with multiple recipes when you only want to follow one of those recipes. In my humble opinion, at least. 

Now, a good book review would not be complete without some constructive remarks. Considering that I sincerely hope they do another cookbook in the future, I would love to make a few suggestions. First, in some of the pictures the portions (most notably the front cover and some of the salads) look a little small. Most paleo-ians have pretty generous appetites! Next, consistency in the ingredient list might make it a bit easier on "new" cooks. One recipe calls for "1 lb cooked shrimp, diced", and then the first two steps in the process has you cooking the shrimp and a later step calls you to dice the shrimp. Attention to details like that makes fabulous cookbooks like this exemplary. 

This book is sitting (open) on my counter with dozens of pink Post-its sticking out the top of recipes that I am dying to try. There is a taste for every palate and a recipe for every skill level. I feel confident that I can make any recipe in this book and serve it to any person who walks through my front door, paleo or not! Looks like I've got Christmas gifts for the family covered ;)

Enjoy :)

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